The large oak tree located on the original homestead of Philbert and Molly Sears Wright has been visited annually by Awareness Washington County for over 25 years. The species of this oak tree has been speculated on during this time. Its combination of size, leaf, acorn and bark didn’t seem to match up with Chinquapin, Swamp White, or Burr Oak characteristics. This year, AWC participant Troy Albert, identified it as a Swamp Chestnut Oak (Quercus michauxii).

2019 Adult Class Members

Brande Abbott, Troy Albert, Sue Bennett, Nathan Bills, Wayne Blevins, Sherri Brown, Amanda Calfee, Becky Crane, Klay Dougherty, Sarah Fisher, Dennis Germann, Rhett Huffaker, Amanda Hurst, Jennifer Hutchinson, Laura Lee, Tina Lee, Chelsey Miller, Dylan Moore, Kevin Nance, Helen Pickens, Sandy Shields, Jennifer Stahl and Deni Stempowski

Self Discovery





"I have changed my perspective of other individuals by seeing their learning styles as capabilities instead of crutches. My classroom has adapted to the ideas presented in the class and for that we have all grown (I as the teacher, and the class as the learners) This class made me grow wiser of communicating with my peers. I can see wheels turning instead of blank stares! Yay!"