AWC welcomes the following people as members of the 2019-2020 class. 

2020 Class Members are:

  • Karen Barry
  • Erin Bontrager
  • Damian Bottorff
  • Nathan Brough
  • Cassidy Bryant
  • Christina Crank
  • Nathaniel Eckert
  • Tara Kritzer
  • Chris Mahuron
  • Renee` Mather
  • Stacey Nance
  • Sissy Pate
  • Cam Smith
  • Nona Wade
  • Donna Wesner
  • Gail Wisecarver

Self Discovery





"I have become more patient, and to listen to others solutions. I have grown to lead and have become more thoughtful of others’ ideas. I have learned to speak up and be more team oriented, instead of trying to do it all myself."