The new class enjoyed a trip to Historic Beck's Mill among other historic sites in Washington County. 

Members of the 2022 AWC class include Lukas Kulikowski, Lindsy Kulikowski, Whitney Hooper, Nicole Purlee, Selena Crady, Kullan Blakey, Kim Reynolds, Brandan Bergdall, Laura Wanke, Drew Wright and Raymond Lee (Local historians) not pictured: Tina Smith and Evan Chastain. 



"Because of Awareness Washington County, I have become more confident in who I am as a leader."

"AWC has helped fill in the missing pieces of what I've needed as a leader in different areas in my life. It has clarified leadership for me as well as given me an appreciation for our county & community as a whole."

"I have changed my perspective of other individuals by seeing their learning styles as capabilities instead of crutches. My classroom has adapted to the ideas presented in the class and for that we have all grown (I as the teacher, and the class as the learners) This class made me grow wiser of communicating with my peers. I can see wheels turning instead of blank stares! Yay!"

"AWC has helped me think outside the box, coming up with new ideas for my youth group. And help me facilitate with the youth group committee."

"AWC has shown me the importance of servant leadership and how it can be a positive influence in every aspect of my life, my family's life, and the greater extended community family that I am a part of."