The new class enjoyed a trip to Historic Beck's Mill among other historic sites in Washington County. 

Members of the 2022 AWC class include Lukas Kulikowski, Lindsy Kulikowski, Whitney Hooper, Nicole Purlee, Selena Crady, Kullan Blakey, Kim Reynolds, Brandan Bergdall, Laura Wanke, Drew Wright and Raymond Lee (Local historians) not pictured: Tina Smith and Evan Chastain. 



"AWC has allowed me to take time and appreciate all the good things happening in Washington County and to show appreciation to those people who are leading others!"

"The lessons I have learned at Awareness Washington County has helped me become an even better leader. The skills and relationships have helped me to examine how I do things and how I can improve on a daily basis. Washington County is a better place because of the AWC program"

"I have a total different idea of what a leader is. I have learned it is nothing what I thought. A true leader's goal is to work themselves out of a job."

"AWC has helped me think outside the box, coming up with new ideas for my youth group. And help me facilitate with the youth group committee."

"In this class, as a leader, I have continued to develop the character traits of a true servant leader, improving my interaction with others. As a person, I learned about other classmates in Washington County to help understand the expectations of my peers. "