"I feel I am more outgoing and sort of comfortable speaking in front of people. I feel I can better understand where people are coming from, ie., not being difficult but truly only seeing one perspective. I can now see from multiple perspectives."

"As a result of AWC, I've gained self-confidence and a greater understanding of how to work with a variety of people in any situation. It has also give me new friendships!"

"I have changed as a person by realizing it's okay to trust and share difficult things. No one can have it all together all the time and it's alright to grow and admit that. As a leader, I have learned about other personalities and how to meet someone where they are in the present time. All opinions are valuable, even if they are different than your own."

"I have learned when the time is right to be quiet and listen & speak up. People have all kinds of different battles that are rarely seen. Be kind to everyone."

"AWC has allowed me to take time and appreciate all the good things happening in Washington County and to show appreciation to those people who are leading others!"