Awareness Washington County is pleased to announce our Leadership Class for 2023. Our theme for the class is Leadership 911.

2023 AWC Class Members are:

Hack Albertson, Aaron Dennis, Melissa Dick, Megan Elgin, Felicia Fields, Sherri Fleenor, Joe Keltner, Shawnda Keltner, Garrett Mehling, Kacey Pastor, Desiree Prater, Amanda Reynolds, Grace Richardson, Darrin Russell, Richard Rutherford, Beverly Terhune

Opening Retreat

Self Discovery





"AWC has helped fill in the missing pieces of what I've needed as a leader in different areas in my life. It has clarified leadership for me as well as given me an appreciation for our county & community as a whole."

"I can speak with others in this class with full trust, understand other personalities and different ways of thinking, and learned how easy it was to learn with laughter. I also learned how to explore new ideas with different views and to work better in groups. "

"I have become more understanding. Going through this class has helped me learn the importance of accountability and how it helps my growth as a leader in the community, but most importantly at home with my family. I am raising our future leaders."

"I have learned to look at things from others' point of view. I have learned that my opinions matter & need to be shared. I have learned that it is okay to not be extremely lower right, & I am not always right."

"I have gained confidence! I learned how to become a leader and that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to! I will use all the tools to be a better mother, wife, & employee. This class changed my life & I recommend it to anyone trying to go places."