Amanda Bills

Occupation: Child Services Engagement Specialist, Indiana Department of Child Services
History with AWC: I graduated from the class in 2018. I joined the board at that time and served as Vice President and then President for two terms. I resigned from the board because of other responsibilities, but have found myself back at a point where I can serve again, and I'm extremely excited about that!
What would I like others to know about AWC: AWC graduates are integral pieces in our community. They can be found using their servant leadership skills in many (if not all!) of the social clubs and community organizations in Washington County. In that way, AWC reaches an enormous number of people through the servant leadership of past graduates. 
Why do I serve as a board member: AWC changed my life, and I love being able to continue working with this organization. Having a part in creating new servant leaders is one of the most fulfilling things I've done, and I look forward to continuing my work with AWC. 

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