The passing of Carmelita Jean, one of the founders of Awareness Washington County (AWC), will be felt by many whose lives she touched, those who have benefited from knowing her. AWC is  a training program to provide those who live or work in Washington County the tools to succeed as leaders in the community.  Carmelita was passionate about AWC and the program has become nationally recognized.

“Carmelita Jean is the Godmother to Awareness Washington County.”, said Nathan Bills, President of the Board of Directors for AWC. “She was a driving factor in our creation. She set a standard for servant leadership and training excellence that we strive to meet even today. Her influence and stewardship laid a groundwork for AWC of excellence, fiscal stability, and love for her community.”

At the board meeting held Monday, August 30th, the board discussed ways to keep Carmelita Jean ever present in the organization that grew from her vision.

“In honor of her passion, drive, and commitment to the success of Awareness Washington County, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to create a scholarship to carry on her legacy.”, Bills said. “The Carmelita Jean Memorial Scholarship is the first named scholarship in AWC history, and will benefit members of this community that Carmelita loved so dearly.”

According to Deni Stempowski, Executive Director of AWC, “The Carmelita Jean Memorial Scholarship will be used to give one person in our community the opportunity to grow as a leader to serve our Washington County .  AWC is dedicated to providing an informative, fun, and life altering program that Carmelita would be proud of!  The scholarship will be available yearly, starting this year.”

If you are interested in participating in Awareness Washington County and applying for this scholarship,  visit the website at to learn more about the program.  If you have any questions contact Deni Stempowski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Cheryl Lee, Director of the Adult program, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



"Because of Awareness Washington County, I have become more confident in who I am as a leader."

"I live each day feeling drained. My job is stressful and all-consuming. I want to do more than eat, sleep, and work. Awareness Washington County has given me back my passion and drive for this community. It has reignited my flame for servant leadership, and I'm so excited to share my light."

"I have changed as a person and a leader as a result of this program. I am a little more outspoken, when it comes to ideas, thoughts or concerns that I may not understand. I am more open to new ideas. I am more comfortable speaking in front of people now than when I started."

"I have become more aware of the various things others have done before me to improve our community. It made me realize that I need to contribute more myself. I am now more aware of the variety of other people’s back story and how it impacts them."

"AWC has helped fill in the missing pieces of what I've needed as a leader in different areas in my life. It has clarified leadership for me as well as given me an appreciation for our county & community as a whole."