AWC Board will be hosting their 3rd Annual Mrs Claus Gift Shoppe. We are asking Alumni to possibly donate a dessert or canned soft drinks.

If you are able to donate please contact me and let me know. If not, then please shop with us November 5th !



"I have tools to better appreciate my colleagues’ skills and aptitudes, and with that, I am a better co-worker. The increase in my ability to empathize with people has helped me collaborate where before there was conflict."

"This class has made me a better leader and person because of the tools I have picked up to help me in my journey. The skills I have learned will stay with me forever. I have gained a new confidence in being a servant leader!"

"As a result of AWC, I've gained self-confidence and a greater understanding of how to work with a variety of people in any situation. It has also give me new friendships!"

"I live each day feeling drained. My job is stressful and all-consuming. I want to do more than eat, sleep, and work. Awareness Washington County has given me back my passion and drive for this community. It has reignited my flame for servant leadership, and I'm so excited to share my light."

"I can speak with others in this class with full trust, understand other personalities and different ways of thinking, and learned how easy it was to learn with laughter. I also learned how to explore new ideas with different views and to work better in groups. "